Dell Technologies and Alienware Launch their First-Ever Gaming Experience Store in India

Dell Technologies and Alienware announced the opening of the first-ever gaming experience store in India. Located in Nehru Place, New Delhi, the store’s design concept reflects Dell and Alienware’s core principles of innovation, interaction, and community building by creating an immersive experience for gamers. Dell Technologies’ executives Rosandra Silveira, Sr. Vice President, Global Channel Sales, and Raj Kumar Rishi, Vice President and Managing Director, Consumer and Small Business, inaugurated the store, which is also a hub for gamers and enthusiasts to meet, interact, and play their favorite games on Dell’s latest devices. The store has product display and experience areas, e-sports game section along with a peripheral and accessories unit that reconstructs an all-round immersive game experience for players.

Commenting on the opening of the storeRosandra Silveira, Sr. Vice President, Global Channel Sales, Dell Technologies, said, “It’s incredible to see the rate at which the Indian gaming landscape is expanding. Alienware has always been at forefront at reshaping the gaming experience and the new Alienware Experience Store embodies the legacy of the Alienware brand by enabling the use of cutting-edge technology and innovative design elements to create what we refer to as ‘the gamers’ paradise. Providing a completely new entertainment experience, the store will further strengthen our engagement with the Indian gaming community and create quality experiences for all gamers.”

Raj Kumar Rishi, Vice President and Managing Director, Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies, India, said, “Alienware has always been the ‘legacy’ for the gaming enthusiasts, and the Alienware Experience Store demonstrates a vigorous ambition for players to experience unique avant-garde style and high-performance gaming equipment. The store will be a hub for e-sports game leagues and community gathering for game developers and enthusiasts alike further demonstrating Dell Technologies and Alienware’s innovation and leadership in the industry.”

The overall storefront is designed with metallic style and unique color design, with iconic Alienware elements that create a powerful visual identity for the store. The store is designed with digital screens, creating engaging and dynamic content that allows visitors to dive right into an extraterrestrial gaming experience. The main attraction of the store is the “Battle Zone,” which allows gamers to face off with their opponent and test-drive the entire available ecosystem. It not only provides a holistic experience of all the gaming hardware but also immerses the player into a complete sensory zone, sharpening focus, and preparing for victory. The “Browse and Explore” section takes this a step further by allowing visitors to look and feel a variety of Dell gaming laptops, desktops, peripherals, and lifestyle notebooks. There is also a dedicated “Accessories Zone” which showcases products beyond Dell’s main offerings.

All these elements are complemented by minimalist designs and monochrome tones which are stark reminders of the Alienware world. The store’s discrete lighting sends the individual into a futuristic atmosphere and provides a cozy ambience, making it the ultimate destination for gamers. Everything is prepared keeping the gamers at the core further creating a complete game ecosystem for them in one place.

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