F&D PA300 100-Watt Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker system Launched

Fenda Audio announces the new F&D PA300 100-Watt Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker system for the festive season. The new speaker boasts of a powerful performance, multiple inputs, Karaoke mode, and a robust portable body. The Fenda Audio F&D PA300 is a speaker for both indoor and outdoor use and features an in-built rechargeable battery for places where electricity isn’t available.

The festive season calls for music – be it bhajans, ambient music, or some of the latest Bollywood beats. Serving for all occasions, and especially for the House Parties, Fenda Audio’s latest speaker system is built to make people come together. Sporting a pair of large 7-inch woofers and a pair of 2-inch tweeters, driven by a powerful 100-Watt amplifier, the F&D PA300 ensures that you can hear every note high or low – be it the shrilling Tutari or that rumbling Nashik Dhol. Adding to the glam are its multi-color disco lights that flicker to the rhythm, ensuring the mood is always high to shake a leg.

Fenda Audio Launches PA300 Speaker

The internals are well-protected using a robust ADS plastic body. A metal grille up front protects the drivers from external accidental damage. And since the weight of the large speaker makes it inconvenient to port around, Fenda Audio has added a trolley system so that you can wheel it wherever you plan to take your party. Adding to the weight is a fairly large 7000mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery that allows you to take your party outdoors, and last for a good 5 hours non-stop.

Lastly, the Fenda Audio F&D PA300 is also feature-rich. Sporting multiple inputs such as a USB, auxiliary, Optical, Bluetooth, Microphone, and Guitar, the speaker also features a built-in FM Radio for those who need to tune in to the local terrestrial radio stations for news and music. And finally, there’s Karaoke mode that supports both a wired and wireless microphone so you can pass the mic around to your gang or friends without having to move the speaker from its place. All the controls, from volume to track change and play/pause, are available on the top of the speaker, or you can also take control from afar using the fully functional IR remote control.

Pricing and Availability

F&D PA300 is available at all leading retail stores and e-commerce platforms, with a festive season limited time price offer of INR 15,999/- and is backed with a 12-months warranty.

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