Infinix’s upcoming Zero series to be equipped with “MemFusion” feature

The most awaited and talked about 5G Smartphone from Infinix, the premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION Group, is said to be equipped with the latest “MemFusion” feature which will enable the users to extend the RAM of their smartphone by using some part of ROM for better and smooth performance.

The importance of RAM

RAM (random access memory) is a major attribute of the customer-purchasing journey and the everyday user aspires for a mobile phone with plenty of RAM. A mobile phone has two memories, RAM and ROM, which correspond to a computer’s memory and hard disk, respectively. The memory is responsible for running programs and exchanging data, while the hard disk means the storage space where you can store photos, videos and other files. All programs in the phone run on RAM; therefore, read and write speed and capacity of RAM are crucial for the performance of the phone.

Countless smartphone users have encountered a scenario where the game is forced back and has to be reloaded only because users switch to social apps to replay messages while playing the game. This is the so-called “kill APP” caused by insufficient memory. With a larger running memory, users can run more apps simultaneously and quickly switch between apps without lag. This is a big deal for heavy users, especially gamers, as more RAM makes the game run smoother, making the experience more fun. The RAM, however, increases the price significantly, leading to a dilemma for customers wanting a phone with more ram but not having the budget to purchase it.

Infinix extends RAM out of the devices’ ROM for a smooth experience

The upcoming ZERO Series devices will be equipped the “MemFusion” feature, which would be accessed by Setting -> Special Function -> MemFusion. This feature will enable the consumers to set the storage space out of ROM to convert into RAM.

They can choose from the available option; 2GB/3GB/5GB RAM. Once the RAM size is selected, the device will restart and show the allocated Virtual RAM as chosen. The feature is a game-changer when you’re using more apps at a specific time and need a temporary boost in performance without compromising your daily battery life too much. Extended RAM technology means that a part of the ROM will be used to work as RAM when the RAM is not sufficient to ensure smooth performance.

With the latest MemFusion technology, the number of apps that the Infinix Zero Series will run will increase from 9 to 20 simultaneously. With the same 20 apps running, the average startup speed of applications can be increased by 60% approx. The devices can load games faster and ensure that users get into games quickly even if they switch among multiple apps.

Physical memory in Android phones has climbed from 1GB to 8GB in the past decade, and there are several flagship phones with 10GB or more. In contrast, Infinix adopts its extended RAM technology and MemFusion feature based on increased physical memory, bringing users a more stable and smooth multi-application running experience through technology upgrades for the same attainable price.

 Next-generation technology isn’t beyond reach. Infinix is working hard to ensure several future devices have innovative technology that solves the daily issues consumers face at a convenient and attainable price point.

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