SNOKOR has announced its new TWS iRocker Gods. The ergonomically designed ultralight IPX5 sweatproof and dustproof TWS earbuds are available at tempting price of INR 1999. The new iRocker Gods TWS earbuds also come with an advantage of one year warranty and will be available on Flipkart from 15th October, 2020 onwards.

SNOKOR TWS iRocker Gods

SNOKOR iRocker Gods Features

  • iRocker Gods comes with 13mm Dynamic Bass boost Driverwith High Quality PU and Titanium Magnet for incredible sound experience.
  • It comes with 2xpowerful bass which has been optimized as per Indian audience requirement. It has frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz which produces clear vocals in low, mid & high range frequencies.
  • At its heart, it has ATS 3015 True wireless chipwhich provides faster & stable connection, consumes low power and helps in low delay.
  • iRocker Gods TWS comes with 35mAh of batteryinside each of earbud which gives up to 4hrs of music playtime or 4hrs of calling.
  • The charging case comes with massive 500mAh batteryhas the capacity of charging the buds 5 times. So in total, it give you up to 24hrs of playtime.
  • The buds gets charged within 1 hr in the case and the case gets fully charged within 2hrs.
  • iRocker Gods TWS comes with multifunctional touch control. For music, on either of the bud, single tap will play/pause the music. Double tap on either to go the next song and triple on right earbud to go the previous song.
  • For calling, on either of the bud, single tap to answer the call, double tap to reject or hang up the call.
  • With iRocker Gods TWS, you can activate your voice assistantwithout touching your smartphone. Just double tap on left earbud button, and it will activate Google assistant/SIRI in your device.
  • SNOKOR iRocker Gods comes with 60ms ultra low latencywhich makes the sync perfect between audio & visuals while playing games.
  • To activate, triple tap on left earbud and it earbus will say “Gaming mode on”
  • iRocker Gods are IPX5 rated which makes them dust and sweat proof. So they are ready for all your crazy workouts or outdoor sports activities and you don’t have to worry about dust or sweat damaging your device.
  • SNOKOR iRocker Gods features cutting edge Bluetooth v5.0 which offers enhanced range & robust connection even in congested environment.
  • After pairing once to a device, 2ndtime onwards, user just need to open the charging case and they will get instantly connected to the device within 2 seconds.
  • Mode Switch:Both the buds comes with independent chip design which makes switching between single or double earphone mode quite seamless.

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