Sony India announced a compact and portable mirrorless camera with a feature-set optimized for vloggers and content creators – the new Alpha ZV-E10. The new camera combines Sony’s advanced imaging technology with extensive usability and a custom-built feature set that is optimized for creators.


Sony Alpha ZV-E10

At its core, the Alpha ZV-E10 features a 24.2-megapixel (approx. effective) APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processing engine to produce high-quality imagery with high-sensitivity, detailed texture depiction and beautiful natural bokeh. Additionally, the Alpha ZV-E10 includes the acclaimed video-specific features favored in the popular digital camera ZV-1 including “Background Defocus”[ Background Defocus is the name of the function assigned by default to the C1 button. Aperture values in Bokeh Switch Defocus / Clear are as follows. Movies: [Background Defocus: Defocus] lens widest aperture; [Background Defocus: Clear] F8-11, controlled automatically between F8 and F11 according to the environment. Stills: [Background Defocus: Defocus] lens widest aperture; [Background Defocus: Clear] F11. F values are not displayed in either Movies or Stills. The menu item associated with the Bokeh Switch is named “Background Defocus”.] that can smoothly switch between a blurred (bokeh) and sharp background, as well as the “Product Showcase Setting”[ When Product Showcase Setting is activated image stabilisation on this model it remains on.] mode that allows the camera to automatically shift focus from the subject’s face to an object being highlighted.

Sony Mirrorless Camera Alpha ZV-E10 Key Features

1. Design and functionality optimized for Vloggers making it a perfect Vlogging partner

2. Steady shot, active mode for advanced image stabilization even when shooting hand-held while walking

3. An Interchangeable-lens Camera for expanded creative expression and versatility

4. Advanced Autofocus with Real-time tracking and Eye Autofocus for shooting on the go

5. High Quality Audio along with reliable and versatile sound options

6. Auto exposure maintains the brightness putting the subject first

7. Cutting-edge Video Features for flawless vlogs and videos

8. Designed keeping the Creators of today in mind, prioritizing ease-of-use and convenience while shooting

9. Impressive battery life to record for hours without any worry

10. Follow the Livestreaming trend and stay connected

11. Efficient workflow with Easy File Data and Transfers

Sony Mirrorless Camera Alpha ZV-E10 Price and Availability

The new ZV-E10 camera will be available across all Sony Centers Alpha Flagship stores, portal, major electronic stores and ecommerce websites (Amazon and Flipkart) from 20th September 2021 onwards.


MRP (in INR)


Alpha ZV-E10 (body only)


20th September 2021 onwards

Alpha ZV-E10L (with SELP1650 kit)


20th September 2021 onwards


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