Truke AirBuds Lite and BTG3 earbuds launched at Rs. 1399

Truke, India’s leading audio brand crafting high-quality wireless stereos, wireless headphones, earphones, and bespoke acoustic equipment for sound professionals, music aficionados, and gaming enthusiasts is back with sensational New Year offerings. Today the audio brand has launched two exciting products, the AirBuds Lite and BTG3, which sport similar features but different designs to cater to two different consumer segments. BTG3 will be available on both Amazon and Flipkart and AirBuds Lite will be available on Flipkart only. Both the products are priced at INR 1,399.

Truke BTG 3

AirBuds Lite and BTG-3 offer a Best-in-class gaming experience with a specialized gaming mode and ultra-low latency up to 55ms. Both the products are super-charged with Empirical Technology that promises 2X energy efficiency, 2X transmission speed, and 1.8X reliable connection. Additionally, they come with AI-powered Deep Neural Network Call Noise Cancellation technology, which enhances the calling quality even in a noisy environment. Decked with Bluetooth 5.1, the auto play/pause music feature allows users to use the High-Precision Contact Sensor that detects the wearing status of the device and automatically plays the music once the buds are on ears. The in-ear detection can be turned on/off by tapping 3 times on left earbud as per customer fondness.

Truke AirBuds Lite

Interestingly, BTG 3 and AirBuds lite both the earbuds comes with two play modes, music, and gaming. The gaming mode enables the low latency feature which enhances the surround sound experience whereas in the music mode user can enjoy the music without any disturbance. BTG3 will be available in two colors variants, Black and Red, while AirBuds Lite will be available in Black and Blue color.

BTG 3 sport a customized game core chipset with high performance and enhanced sound quality. The compact Case Design with Ergonomic in-ear Earbuds packs in a 48 hours playtime, 10 hours of playtime on a single charge, and an additional 38 hours with a 300 mAh Charging Case.

Furthermore, the earbuds are backed with an unparalleled Cinematic Sound Experience with 10mm 32Ω Titanium Drivers that extend High Dynamics, High Sensitivity, and High Fidelity. Savor the best of new-age technology with HD Quality Calling experience even in a Noisy Environment.

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