Bluei- a homegrown mobile accessories brand announced an update to its new product with the launch of RockStar Home Theater. The home theater is equipped with enhanced audio quality and is designed to support deep bass HD which is perfect for house parties starting with some danceable jams and dynamic sound effects to give you the best music experience with a crystal clear output and punchy bass and perfect treble. Bluei RockStar is for those young audiophiles who just cannot afford to compromise on the sound quality of their party glimmers. RockStar Home theater is available in black colour and the retail price of the product is INR 2899.

Bluei RockStar home theater

With a strong focus on consumer desires and aesthetics, the brand has developed this product that seamlessly integrates into an evolved consumer’s style statement. The new home theater comes with an unmatched sound quality and attractive designs that allow you to leave your signature at your parties. Packed with Bluei signature sound, the RockStar creates an uplifting listening experience, whether it’s a big gathering at the lawn or pop-up gig in a park. Given its thin design, the Bluei RockStar can be easily carried anywhere. RockStar is easy to carry and takes less space in the back-pack. The home theater has 50W surround sound and gives a 3D stereo experience. RockStar is a wireless home theater with a frequency range of 15 meters so, keep your music pumping wherever you go. The newly launched Bluei RockStar comes with significantly attractive features and the consumers can decide as per their choices.

The speaker offers a built-in FM antenna, Dedicated subwoofer volume control, Big digital display, Aux/Mic input, USB port and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity as well. RockStar home theater compatibility with mobile, PC, laptop and playstation.


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