Haier India rolls out the power-packed ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for India’ next gen top loading washing machines

Haier, the global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics and World’s Number 1 brand in Major Appliances for 14 Consecutive Years, announced the launch of its new line-up of anti–scaling top load washing machines priced at 43,000/- and 46,000/- for 8kg and 9kg capacity respectively. Powered by Haier’s anti-scaling technology, bionic magic filter, and 3D rolling wash, the new range complements modern lifestyle needs making the laundry experience efficient, simple, and effortless along with taking care for fabric.

Backed by Haier’s focus on producing smart products through local manufacturing in India, the washing machine segment, has a lineup of up to 60 models, that are manufactured locally at Haier’s Pune and Greater Noida state-of-the-art facilities. Committed to produce innovative products for Indian consumers, Haier is creating a new dimension to the segment with the launch of its two new washing machine series.

Haier next gen top loading washing Machine

Commenting on the recent launch of the new Top Load washing machines, Mr. Satish NS, President, Haier Appliances India said, “Customer satisfaction lies at the ethos of our growth trajectory and hence at Haier, we are determined to create products that are in line with the customers’ ever-increasing needs and evolving preferences. With the launch of our new ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for India’ washing machine series, we are introducing cutting-edge features to provide consumers with industry-first technology and a holistic washing experience. Powered by new-age technologies, the washing machines not only give a dash of style to the consumers but are also packed with smart features. Our constant endeavor is to prioritize Indian households, and we will continue to offer customer-inspired offerings to boost the laundry experience for every Indian.”

Always clean, like new every time 

Haier’s new range of top-load washing machines incorporates patient Anti-scaling technology that involves cleaning the drum with 20 smart nano balls driven by the water flow- impact and scrub against the inner and outer tub walls hitting 25 million times in 1 wash cycle. The powerful water flow prevents the dirt from accumulating on the tub walls preventing dirt accumulation that causes bacteria, allergens, and odor. This technology automatically cleans the outer wall of the inner Tub keeping the Tub safe from any kind of chemical use.

Rolling water for deep clean and gentle care

Haier’s advanced integrated solution – 3D rolling wash ensures deep cleaning as the vertical water flow penetrates the cloth fibers to get rid of stubborn and tough stains, keeping the fabric fresh and hygienic.

Bionic Magic Filter

With the innovative “venous valved” designed thoroughly to collect lint preserves clothes fresh and clean.

Smart solution for efficiency 

The top load washing machines are enabled with smart sense technology i.e. fuzzy logic, automatically selects the appropriate water level by sensing the weight of clothes and accompanied by Quick Wash feature it only takes 15 minutes to wash the items. Together users can take advantage of simplicity, high efficiency, and energy saving with these smart solutions.

Advanced solution for a carefree wash 

Haier’s new top-load washing machines are designed to make the laundry experience as comfortable as it can get. The advanced solution for a carefree wash process makes sure the washing machine does not stop due to low water pressure. With Near Zero Pressure technology that works up to 0.01 Mpa water pressure, keeping this mind potential users in high-rise apartments with low water pressure and low height of storage tank. Additionally, the Smooth and seamless pillow drum provides clothes with the most tender care. It includes 720 dewatering holes of only 2.2mm and the convex part like pillows enables gentle scrubbing to make sure that the washing machine will not spoil delicate clothes while washing.

Ease of Operation

Haier this from all approaches when designing a product. India is a market that experiences several power cuts, keeping this in mind, Haier’s new top-load washing machines have integrated Auto Restart to counter power cuts. The washing machine will restart automatically from the position it stopped at and adjust accordingly, making daily laundry stress free and convenient. Additionally, with an Ergonomic Rear control panel with 146° angle, reduces bending for users.

Price, Availability and Warranty 

Haier’s new washing machines series are now available across India. Top Load Washing Machine Series with Anti-Scaling technology comes with 5 Years comprehensive warranty with 12 years warranty on motor (10 Years on Anti-Scaling Drum).

Model no.




8 KG

INR 43000


9 KG

INR 46000

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