List of SSD drives which will not fail you during office meetings

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) that have been in use as devices to save data in computers, are slowly becoming obsolete. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, vibration, shocks, accidental drops and magnetic fields. To overcome all these issues, Solid State Drive or SSD as they are called have become the more popular way of storing data. This storage device is non volatile in nature and store persistent data on solid state flash memory. Serving the same purpose as that of an HDD, SSDs have become the preferred choice for consumers who use their computer extensively and need data in a safe and secure device, which does not crash easily. Here is a list of a few SSDs available in the market by trusted brands.

Acer Apollo
Acer Apollo RGB is the best in class SSD with a computer memory size of 16GB. This super product has a gaming RAM of 3200 MHz. The cool and stylish look of the SSD doesn’t just make it chic, but it supports the motherboard too through RGB. In countries that face extreme weather, it is a boon in sweltering summer months as well as chilly and snowy winter months. The super heat dissipation through the surface enables the product to perform under extreme conditions. The rigorous production process and testing ensures that it can withstand a variety of usages. The after sale service system is perfect for any issues that the user might face in the long run.

HP EX950
Compatible with laptop, desktop, computer as well as console, the latest offering from HP, The SSD EX950 offers 512 GB storage along with PCIEx8 hard disk interface. The NVMe is 3D, ensuring quick processing and reading and writing of data. Weighing just 1.000 lbs, it is truly light weighted.

This dual SSD device gives a storage space of 2x8GB, ie 16 GB. With DRAM of 3200MHz, it is ideal for storage, reading and writing data as well as playing games. These hand sorted memory chips are compatible with latest Intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards, and give superior performance. The aluminum heat spreader ensures effective dissipation of heat and keeps the device cool, while also running it at high clock speed. Available in multiple colors, it can match your style.

HyperX Fury Black
Hyper X Fury Black gives a storage space of 16GB and 3600 MHz RAM, which makes it faster when it comes to playing games. Moreover, the low profile heat spreader design that has been updated recently is an added advantage when it comes to keeping the device cool. Easily compatible with Intel XMP, it is cost efficient. The upgraded product also offers high performance DDR4. It is also available with a kit capacity of 128 GB, and speed upto 3733 MHz.

It is about time to upgrade your old HDD to SDD, and there is ample of choice to make. When it comes to technology, one must buy the latest product according to need, to make the most out of any electronic device. And ones mentioned above are the best of the best in the category.

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