realme announced that the upcoming flagship codenamed ‘Race’ will be officially unveiled under the name realme GT and will make its global debut on March 4, 2021. Adhering to the brand spirit of “dare to leap”, realme GT will be the high-performance flagship in the product portfolio and will bring sustained speedy performance and trendsetting design to young users around the world.


At present, the realme C series, realme number series, and realme X series have formed three core product lines in the global market, rapidly completing the coverage from entry-level to flagship. Now the new realme GT will further enrich the high-end product line ups of realme and meet the demand of young people in the Gen-Z for top-tier performance.


Madhav Sheth, Vice-President, realme, and CEO, realme India and Europe said, “realme GT is based on our ‘Dare to Leap’ spirit and is an indication of what realme has in place for its users this year. realme GT represents our philosophy of forefront of innovation, design and product value, which is something that young people can resonate with.”

The new flagship series, the new journey

realme GT is based on the concept of GT sports cars, which were designed for high speed and long-distance driving, and combines both high performance and reliable attributes. realme’s new performance flagship comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and has great spiritual value. It brings users not only the power of the latest technology but also a sustained surging experience. realme GT flagship will appeal to the young users, as it is based on the spirit of high-performance racing, and will bring excitement and astonishing experience for the new generation who want to break through their own limits in terms of performance.

Dare to leap, breakthrough in new track

In 2020 despite various challenges, realme continued to be a strong challenger and disruptor in the industry with the seventh-highest shipments and was the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world. After two consecutive quarters of growth, realme has been recognized by Counterpoint as “the fastest smartphone brand to reach 50 million sales worldwide”. In 2021, realme GT will help realme continue to upgrade its products and brand, and bring better products with superior technology and trendsetting design in the mid-to-high end, to encourage more young people with the attitude of “dare to leap”.

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